What's New?

Lumenis One now available!

We've added the Lumenis One Intense Pulsed Light system to optimize treatments for photorejuvenation, redness/blood vessels on the face, as well as age spots. The Lumenis One is the fourth generation flagship system which delivers outstanding results. Click here for more information on intense pulsed light treatment and before and after photos.

Radiesse FDA approval extension

Radiesse has been approved for the treatment of wrinkles in the nasolabial fold area, which most physicians have been doing "off label." You can find more information and before/after pictures at the Radiesse website. This is a versatile filler that can be used for scars and deeper wrinkles and can last a year or longer.

New Psoriasis treatment exclusively at Heartland Derm

The Xtrac Excimer laser will be available in June. This exciting laser makes it possible to treat smaller or localized areas of psoriasis which normally would be treated with messy ointments. This treatment is not appropriate for people with widespread or very large areas of psoriasis. In contrast to normal ultraviolet light therapy where you would stand in a light booth and treat your whole body, this laser allows you to direct a very intense beam of ultraviolet light directly on the spots. This avoids exposing other areas of your skin unnecessarily to ultraviolet rays and also is much more effective than traditional phototherapy for smaller spots. With traditional light treatment in a booth, you might need 20-30 treatments to see improvement. With the laser, you may begin to see improvement within weeks and most patients are clear in 8-10 treatments. The laser is used to treat the areas just twice a week, which makes it even more convenient. Since this is a new treatment, some insurers may not pay for this treatment. Please call the office for further information regarding insurance reimbursement. To get more information on this great new therapy, use this link:

Consumer Alert section updated

If you haven't visited the consumer alert section, go to our home page (clicking on the fern logo anywhere on the site will get you back to the home page) and look for the red consumer alert button. I've added some info about mole removal with laser, and more on the physician assistant/nurse practitioner issues.

HIPAA (Privacy) Information Online

Thanks to your government in action, there is new privacy information act that has gone into effect. HIPAA (Health Information Portability Accountability Act) now requires that we safeguard your personal information, protect your privacy, and must now force you to read our privacy policy (which is only 7 pages long) and sign off that you read it. We didn't ever share your private information before this, but thanks to this new regulation, we must swear on a stack of bibles that we won't divulge your private information to anyone without your consent, under penalty of law. Not only that, but anyone we send you information to (like insurance companies, etc), must also abide by these policies. You may download this information and the sign off sheet here, if you would like to get a jump start on this. For new patients, we now recommend that you come 20 minutes early for your first visit to fill out paperwork and read the policy. If you do the forms from this website and bring them to your appointment, then arrival 10 minutes prior to your appointment would be fine.

BOTOX Approved for cosmetic use

Well, duh! It has been used cosmetically for years. The main reason the company went after the FDA approval for wrinkles and cosmetic use is so that it could advertise that fact. This remains one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available and is a excellent treatment for the wrinkle between the eyebrows, crow's feet and forehead wrinkles.