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Why are there so many pictures of noses?
Noses are one of the most difficult areas to repair. There are no wrinkles to hide the scar, so minor deficiencies in technique make a big difference on the appearance of the scar. The nose is also the most common place for basal cell carcinoma on the face.

Will scars on the arm, leg or body heal as well as these?
Facial skin has a lot of advantages going for it when it comes to scarring. There are wrinkles and junction lines where the scar can be hidden, the skin is thinner and heals faster, there is less tension on the skin from body movement. This results in a thinner, less noticeable scar on the face. The body fares less well when it comes to scarring. The skin on the back, for example, is much thicker the sutures (stitches) must stay in longer to be sure the wound heals well. This can result in "track marks" or additional scar lines from where the stitches were. In addition, there is much more tension on the skin when you bend or twist. This tension causes the scar the stretch or widen. On the majority of the body, scars can't be well hidden and they don't heal as nicely.

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